Introduction To Stage 3

Written By: Mike Collins.


The Research Roadmap so far:

  • In STAGE 1 of the Research Roadmap we examined useful concepts and conventions to reference as you progress with your Irish ancestry research.
  • In STAGE 2 you started the research process by choosing one individual (or couple) from your Irish ancestry tree and developed a plan to research facts about that individual/couple and gather supporting evidence and documents along the way.

By the end of Stage 2 you will have completed:

for your Irish ancestor (or couple).

Now – we move on to STAGE 3 of The Green Room Research Roadmap.

In Stage 3 of the Research Roadmap we encourage you to research your Irish ancestor as far back – and as thoroughly as possible – in the land in which they immigrated.

Why? While you might get lucky and discover your ancestor’s townland clearly written on a gravestone, most people have at least one Irish ancestor whose Irish origins are still a complete mystery. The majority of our members try to connect their Irish ancestor with a county/village/townland of origin in Ireland AWAY too early. 

In such cases it is important to slowly make your way back through the earliest-known local records for your Irish ancestor following immigration – gathering evidence and clues along the way that will point to their most-likely origins in Ireland.

It is important to examine and use evidence gathered around the place where your Irish ancestor first settled in their new country before making the leap back to Ireland. 


In Stage 3 you will step through a series of lessons to help you:

  • Research the history of the area where your ancestor immigrated – and update your research plan and timeline based on discoveries.
  • Research the records in your ancestor’s area of immigration – and deal with any conflicting evidence that may surface. 
  • Prepare for Irish record research.
  • Share discoveries and ask for help from our Green Room genealogists as you progress.

As you work through Stage 3 of the Road Map we will show you how you can use the concepts covered in Stages 1 and 2 to expand your knowledge about your immigrant ancestor and begin to gather the information you need to follow the evidence trail back to Ireland.

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