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Breaking Through Irish Ancestry Brick Walls

Just Got Easier...

Have you ever been Frustrated...

Your Irish Hosts - Carina and Mike Collins

...with Genealogy services and forums - the way that they ONLY concentrate on the records and family trees. How easy it is to run into a brick wall - especially with complex Irish Ancestry and Genealogy.

Well, The Green Room is run by Irish people, out of Ireland - and focused on people of Irish ancestry all over the world. We know Irish culture, history, the language - and many of the issues people have with understanding complex Irish Heritage and Ancestry. While genealogy record sites bring you part of the way - we'll bring you all the way home!

If you like Mike & Carina Collins and their weekly "Letters from Ireland" or the pictures on our Facebook page - then you will love the Green Room. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and all-Irish!

Let us help you Bring Your Irish Ancestry to Life!


  • ​You are already joined a site like Ancestry.com - but now want to really break down those frustrating Irish ancestry "brick walls". 
  • ​You have gathered as many facts and details on your Irish Ancestry as available - you want more information, but you also want to explore what life and times were really like for your ancestors.
  • You are planning a Trip to Ireland in the next 18 months - and you want insider help with your planning and choice of places to visit.
  • You have had the "Letter from Ireland" experience - now you want to connect with other readers and share stories, insights and pointers on your Irish Heritage journey.​
  • You REALLY want to bring Your Irish Heritage and Ancestry to Life!​

"I am so glad I am part of this community and I love being Irish!"

This forum does just get better and better, you are sharing around Ireland at its best, and there is so much to show off. I am so glad I am part of this community and I love being Irish! 

- Julie Appleton (Australia)

Join us now to get the following:

Member's Forum

Connect with over 1,800 other Green Room members who share your passion, Irish surnames and heritage. Ask questions and share discoveries.

Video training and On-Site Genealogists

Easy-to-use video training on Irish Research tools and DNA testing.  Access to our in-forum Genealogist  to give you pointers and help with your "brick walls".

Bonus: Free Access to JohnGrenham.com 

All our Green Room members get FREE annual membership of JohnGrenham.com - Ireland's foremost Genealogy record site.

Ireland Travel

Maps and details of our favourite places to visit in Ireland - the best Castles, Museums, Views, Historic Towns, Festivals and Grand houses. 

Exclusive Resources

Free Ancestry Books to download, research resources and other offers to help you with your Ancestry search.

Irish Homelands

Join us as we travel to a members Irish Homeland each month and uncover stories, pictures and surprises along the way.​

As Well as:

  • ​Immediate access to our Green Room Forum - join over 1,800 other members who share the same experiences and family ties - and aim to solve ancestry problems together. Now with over 37,000 posts full of useful Irish ancestry information.
  • Direct access to Mike and Carina - we spend a lot of our time in the Green Room - and will help you solve your Irish Ancestry puzzles.
  • New Feature - Genealogy Reports - we now commission professional Genealogy reports for selected members during the year to show you how they work and to kickstart an individual's research.
  • ​Over 429 Irish surnames (and variants) tagged on the forum. You click on a surname and it gives you all members and posts associated with that surname.
  • Immediate access to ebook versions of all of our Irish Heritage and Ancestry Books (now four books).
  • Our choice of the most useful Irish Heritage and Ancestry research resources - constantly updated.​
  • All of Mikes Letters (now four years worth and counting) with all Irish surnames tagged in each letter.
  • Finally - access to the friendliest, most helpful people on the planet - to share your own Irish stories and experiences!​



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  • BONUS: Includes annual membership of JohnGrenham.com

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How Other Members Feel About The Green Room:

"You have helped more in the 2 days I have been a member..."

Thank YOU for providing such an informative and welcoming site for ancestry research. You have helped more in the 2 days I have been a member than all other ancestry sites put together!

- Betse Tessman (USA)

"I feel I'm travelling alongside you both."

I tell you, one of the best investments I feel I have EVER made was the decision to join this site. You and Carina's travels make me feel that I'm along side of you both. Thank you.

- Marge Vallazza (USA)

"A very touching and beautiful collection of ancestry, history and wonderful Ireland"

You two are amazing; your dedication to providing so much information to your Green Room members is unsurpassed. This was a very touching and beautiful collection of ancestry, history and wonderful Ireland.

- Paula Holey (Australia)

"Thanks for bringing it all to life for us!"

Your site is growing in so many good ways and it’s such a pleasure to be a member. I hope you are truly encouraged by the feedback of your very appreciative members. You and Carina are melding a very important aspect of Irish history and heritage to our personal genealogical endeavors. Thanks for bringing it all to life for us!

- Jack Healey (USA)

"I've been hooked on The Green Room for some time now"

I've been hooked on The Green Room for some time now, and have found it a valuable platform to share a love of everything Irish with others of the vast diaspora who love to return to their native Irish roots, either in the flesh with a trip "back home" or if that is not possible to at least follow those who are fortunate enough to be able to go!

- Des Dineen (Australia)

"It helps me feel connected."

I look forward to receiving news from "Your Irish Heritage", and following up with the Green Room. It somehow helps me to feel connected. I enjoy reading letters from others who are also trying to break down brick walls. "Misery loves company"!! I also like that members are able to help each other. I thank both Mike and Carina, for all that they do to make this happen.

- Nora Headley (USA)

"It's obvious that it is a labor of love."

I can only reiterate what others have already said. There is a genuine feeling of warmth and willingness to help from everyone here. Everyone is so open about sharing what they know about their families and their experiences trying to find more information. Mike, Carina and everyone associated with the operation of the Green Room goes above and beyond to make everyone feel a part of the community. It's obvious that its a labor of love and one that so many of us are truly grateful for.

- Joe Estadt (USA)


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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30 Day No Questions Asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

If, for any reason, the Green Room membership experience is not for you - let us know within 30 days of joining and we will refund your membership fee.