Introduction To Stage 2

Written By: Mike Collins.

So, we established the groundwork in Stage 1 of the Roadmap by examining key concepts and conventions that are useful to both understand and reference as you progress with your Irish ancestry research.

In this stage – Stage 2 – you will start the research process by :

  • Choosing one individual (or couple) from your Irish ancestry tree.
  • Developing a plan of research that will help you stay focused as you look to establish facts about that individual/couple and gather supporting evidence and documents along the way.

Why limit your research to just one individual/couple? We are not suggesting that you limit your all research to just one individual/couple – but just that you stay focused on one individual/couple AT A TIME. This will help you keep a much sharper edge on your research and be more specific and detailed with your questions as you look for support from our Green Room genealogists.

This approach will also help you to avoid “genealogical research dizziness” as your head goes around in circles trying to keep notes on dozens of interlinked individuals in your family tree. So, we will aim to help you stay focused on one individual/couple at a time AND use good research principles and tools as you aim to uncover more about the fascinating life of that ancestor of yours!

In Stage 2 you will step through a series of lessons to help you:

  • Gain an understanding of good genealogical research principles using the “Genealogical Proof Standard”.
  • Collate and structure the information you already have on your chosen ancestor or couple. 
  • Use good research principles and tools to build a research plan that should make it possible for you to uncover more about the life of your Irish ancestor.
  • Look for help along the way from one of our Green Room genealogists.


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