Introduction To Stage 1

Written by: Mike Collins.

The lessons in Stage 1 explain four key concepts that you will come across many times as you make your way through the “Green Room Research Road Map” and your own research.

I recommend that you look through each lesson at least briefly before you start into the later stages of the road map. Each of the lessons below is linked back to the Green Room forum where you can share documents, discoveries and ask questions from one of our Genealogists.

Four Essential Concepts Behind Irish Family History Research:

1. What You Need to Know About Irish Land Divisions. In this lesson, we look at Irish townlands, Registrar Districts, Civil Parishes and all points in between. Most importantly, we tell you which Land division names you NEED to know about as you examine different Irish Record sets. 

2. Getting Your Head Around Irish Placenames. This short and snappy overview of Irish place names will give you a primer on typical naming conventions for Irish places, their origins and much more . 

3. The Evolution of Irish Surnames. This is an essential guide to understanding where your Irish surname comes from in Ireland as well as when it arrived in Ireland. In this lesson we review ancient Irish Gaelic surnames, Viking, Norman, Galloglass, old English, English and Scottish planter, Huguenot and Palatine and more. 

4. Understanding Irish Naming Patterns. Irish Naming patterns offer one of the most useful tools to help you break through those ancestral brick walls and make educated guesses when working back the generations. 

It is important to have a clear understanding of these essential key concepts as you work your way through your Irish ancestral research and this roadmap. That is what we will show you how to do here in Stage 1: Learn The Essential Concepts Behind Irish Family History Research.

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