Let us be Your Irish Ancestry Guides... Here's how to Start:

STEP 1. Start with these Resources.

Have a good look around our site. Here are the four best places to start:

    STEP 2. Sign up for Your Letter from Ireland.

    Every week - we send out a free Letter from Ireland to over 15,000 people of Irish Ancestry around the world. We talk about your Irish surnames, where they came from AND share lots of wonderful stories. Like to join in the fun? Here's how:

      • Sign up for your Free Letter from Ireland by clicking here.
      • We'll give you some nice sample letters to get started.
      • 24 Hours after you signup - we'll invite you to share your Irish family surnames. These surnames feature in future letters and stories.

      STEP 3. Get more by Joining The Green Room.

      For people who want some extra help - we offer The Green Room. When you become a Green Room member, we help you to break down those Irish Ancestry brickwalls. You can instantly access:

        • On-site Irish Genealogists - who can help you to find, and make sense, of those difficult to interpret Irish records.
        • Over 1,100 friendly and helpful fellow members - all helping you to focus on your Irish Ancestry.
        • "Who do you think you are" type features, Video training, family tree deconstruction - helping you to get a bigger picture of Irish convention, places and language - all essential for Irish ancestry research.

        Yes, Let me know more about The Green Room at Your Irish Heritage.