The Surnames of County Mayo

County Mayo My Ancestral HomeThe surnames of County Mayo.

Here are the County Mayo surnames in the family trees of our Readers. Is your County Mayo surname here? If not, just let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it.

Here we see a beautiful picture of Achill Island in the sunshine – imagine that!

The names we have are:

Bailey Barrett Begley Bird Blackburn Bloxham Bourke Boylan Brannick Brennan Burke Cadden Canavan Carney Carolan Caufield Clarke Coleman Conlon Connolly Connor Conway Coyne Crean Cuff Culbreath Cullina Cummings Cunningham Davies Davitt Devor Donlon Donnelly Dougherty Duffy Dulin

Earley Early Fallon Fee Feeley Feerick Fitzpatrick Flanagan Flannigan Flynn Ford Forster Foster Gallagher Garvin Gavaghan Gavin Geraghty Gibbons Gormley Gough Granahan Greeley Hall Halligan Haney Harrington Hart Hastings Healy Heneghan Henehan Henry Hickey

Higgins Huane Hurst Igoe Jordan Joyce Judge Kane Kavanagh Keane Keenan Kelly Kerrigan Kilbane Kilroy Kneafsey Lally Larrisey Lavelle Leonard Levy Linsky Loftus Lyden Malley Maloney McCauley McDonagh McDonald McDonnell McEvoy McGibbon McGinty

McGowan McGreal McGuigan McHale McMenamin McMonagle McNicholas McNulty McQuaide Millet Molloy Monahan Moore Moran Morley Mortimer Mullaney Mullen Mulligan Munnelly Murphy Murray Naughton Nellany Nolan O’Brien O’Donnell O’Hora O’Malley

O’Toole Parker Patterson Plover Quinn Radigan Regan Riley Ruane Rush Ryan Sands Scully Sheeran Sheerin Smith Stenson Sweeney Tarpey Tighe Treacy Walsh

Thats a lot of names for just one county!


  1. Mary Cunningham says

    Don’t forget the Thomas surname. There are clusters of this surname in the Errew / Ballyheane area of Castlebar.

  2. Patrice Houck Schadt says

    I have Hallinan, Ferguson and Durkin. I also have a casual interest into Kneafsey. Michael Kneafsey married Margaret Hallinan, a sister of my great grandmother, Ellen Hallinan Bagley.

  3. Margaret Geraghty says

    Could you please add GARVEY (my line are from Brownstown/Coolylaughnan, looks like they left the area and disappeared by about 1880). Thanks

    • Barbara says

      Eileen – my husband’s grandfather was Patrick Cassidy b, 1854. Family lores says he was from Mayo but I have found no records. He had 4 sisters Mary, Beatrice, Ellen and Catherine. Their parents were Patrick and Mary Doherty Cassidy. Would they be related to you?

  4. Julie Plant (Nee Bermingham) says

    My maiden name was Bermingham descending from John Richard Bermingham born in Co. Mayo around 1820. Some Trees note his father as Henry and a death certificate has his place of birth beginning with Ball which we now believe likely to be Ballinrobe He was in Australia and married Mary O’Hara, around 1849. Mary was an Irish orphan girl who went to Melbourne on the Lady Kennaway and born in Crossmolina.

  5. Maureen says

    My Grandfather was James Hyland from Castlebar and my grandmother was
    Delia Roach(e) also from Castlebar. They both appear in the 1911 census

  6. Colleen Ivey says

    There are also Caseys in County Mayo, in Derry, Owenbrin, Cappaghduff District.
    Thank you for such tremendous research!

  7. grace sullivan says

    my let name is Sullivan. it was O’Sullivan but my ancestors changed it after they came to america from county mayo. i think Sullivan should definitely be up there.

    • Mike says

      Hi Grace – these are the names of our readers and the counties their ancestors came from. Yours is the first Sullivan from Mayo – so now its up there :)

  8. delores says

    could you add Williams,and Lane? Hickey I found they were from County Meath,Ireland.Way back in time there Williams may have been spelled differently,and Lane could of spelled different too,cause my Williams came on ship from Londonderry,Ireland,and Lane from Ulster,Ireland.Hope it was ok to send you this much out.

    • Mike says

      Hi Mary Ann – lots of Pattersons all around the counties of Ulster. When found in Mayo it is usually another version of the Gaelic Irish name Cussane. Mike.

  9. Glen Francis says

    Please add Friel and Freil to the surname list from Letterbrock County Mayo, which is near Westport at the foot of the “Reak”. This is where my mother is from. Glen

  10. Catherine Caffrey says

    Please add Cafferty- from Rathmore, Crossmolina, North Mayo. My ancestor Martin was christened there in 1833. His mother’s name was Catherine Murphy – I see you already have Murphy. Thank you!

  11. Casey says

    We came from Mayo County in 1845 – a widow and 3 or 4 sons. Our name is McGrayel but at least three other spellings have been printed in US newspapers ( McGrail, Mc Greal, McGrayle, McGroyal).

    • Mike says

      Hi Casey – I have now added your McGrayel to our list for Mayo. The different spellings can be confusing but at least all of these spellings sound the same (almost). Mike.

  12. Tracy says

    There is a Tucker’s Lough outside of Castlebar, and a Tucker Street, in Castlebar itself. In fact, I believe the Taoiseach has his constituent office on Tucker Street.

    Please add the Tuckers to the list of distinguished names of Co. Mayo.

    Thank you…!!!

  13. Kathy P says

    Hi Mike,
    You can add Pue to that list! Thanks and wonderful update!! Love it! Great work to you and Carina!
    Enjoy your weekend and tea.

  14. Paul says

    Please add O’Rourke to the surnames of Co.Mayo. My gr.Grandfather came from Annagh nr. Ballyhaunis. though I believe the name originates from Leitrim/Sligo.

    • Mike says

      Hi Paul – your O’Rourke now added to Mayo. O’Rourkes were originally lords of Leitrim (or as it was called Breffni). Mike.

  15. Debby says

    Please add KENNEDY to the list. My ancestors came from Upper & Lower Barnhill area in Lacken. I’ve hit a wall taking they back before Patrick Kennedy (born 1785) and his descendants who remained in Ireland.

  16. Suzy says

    I may have missed it, but I do not recall seeing the names Flatley or Grogran
    My great grandfather, William Flatley was born in Claremorris in ~1864,
    and my great grandmother, Delia Grogan was born in 1873 in Ballyhaunis.
    Thank you!:)

  17. Ruth Geraghty says

    Hi. Can you add the name Cawley who originally came from the inishkeas then settled in Binghamstown co mayo. Thanks. Great site!

  18. Corinne Reilly says

    My great, great grandfather, Michael Halloran was born in County Mayo in 1836. Could he be added please?

  19. Brian Norton says

    Loftus family here. Grand Father James J (1869-1948) GG Thomas, GGGJames. Connected families, COLEMAN, FINN, MAGUIRE,.

  20. MaryPat Murphy-Carey says

    Coughlan/Cregganbell (Ballyean area);
    Hughes/Irish Town
    Mc Tigue/Ballinrobe

    • Elizabeth Caswell says

      My grandfather Peter McTighe was from Ireland, came to USA and married in 1905 in Lowell, MA to Bridget Duignan

      I think he had brother John McTighe also came to live in Lowell.

  21. Donald Connor says

    Thank you for the list of names. This may help me in researching the Connor’s and Cunningham’s.

  22. Jim Aman says

    Brown .. My 5th great-grandparents (William Brown and Hannah Ann Taylor) left An Eill (now, The Neale) in 1770 for the North American colonies, traveling with their two children, who were both born in An Eill (1759 and 1762).

  23. Eileen Fodor says

    Would you please add the Whelan family on behalf of my partner, John. He would type this himself but had a stroke 7 1/2 years ago and can’t. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and God Bless.

  24. Geraldine Reddington says

    My husband grandfather Pat Reddington had a brother Edward. Don’t no anything about him,wonder if he has any descendants. The address was, Carrowcrin, Knockanillaun, Ballina, CoMayo, Ireland. He was son of Anne Reddington. He was born abt 1885.

  25. Maggie Kelch says

    Hello Mike – my ggrandparents were Patrick and Brigid Ginley from Mayo – Dooega on Achill Island. I visited there with my grandmother in 1974 and I met a cousin – but I don’t have her contact information any longer. Any way I can track them down?

  26. Val Wynne says

    Hello l have been looking for information of my great grandfather Michael Ginley /Ginilley (had different spellings )without success. The only information l have is hewas born 1831 Castlebar & his mother was Bridget & his wife was Sarah. He died in York 1912. It would be lovely if anyone could help.

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